Friday, March 6, 2009

Shannon and Dr. Heidi continue their tour of the AZ...

Winter is a slow time for activities in the AZ, so Shannon and Dr. Heidi have pretty much just been living the volunteer life for the past few months. Here are a few photos of their recent outings and activities.

Like any good PCV, Shannon and Dr. Heidi don't let a minor inconvenience like a lack of power stop them from getting in some quality reading time.

The southern PCVs got together to celebrate Valentines Day this year. Jon from Bilasuvar was really impressed by Shannon and Dr. Heidi. There was no stopping him when he found out they had different outfits to choose from - hours of entertainment!
Shannon and Dr. Heidi with a few of the Valentines from my conversation club students. I LOVE that Heidi's says "Be Me."

PCVs gathered in Zagatala to celebrate our New President and listen to his Inauguration speech. Shannon and Dr. Heidi were THRILLED to get their picture taken with President Obobblehead.

And, last but not least, Shannon and Dr. Heidi got all snuggled in for their first trip on the night train. By far the best way to travel in the AZ.