Monday, August 3, 2009


Yay Kamp the Sequel was an incredible success. We had over 130 students attend and participate over the course of three weeks. I truly believe the experience has changed their lives - both in small and big ways. Yay Kamp would not have been possible without the help from so many people at home. So, for all of you who donated to the Peace Corps Partnership Program, or gave stuff to be sent, or just sent good wishes, thank you so much!


alexis said...

it was a great success. i can't believe how little time you have left here. aaaaah!

Nailya said...

couple of days ago my dad called me with a very surprised voice saying that i got a letter from Lankaran. His surprise was due to the fact that in my 10 years living in usa i've never gotten a letter from baku, let alone lankaran. but my surprise was that despite my such an insignificant contribution you still went through all that trouble to send me the thank you notes which were amazing. What you and other PCV are doing is incredible and I'm sure those kids will remember you and all your good deeds for the rest of their lives. Thank you!